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The man nodded quietly as Niara left and raised his hand for the waitress droid to bring another blue milk. He was in deep thought about the situation. They couldn't stay longer than two days. That is if the Empire sent Vader. If they would send just a bunch of Clones, they could barely fall asleep tonight before the Star Destroyer jumped into the system. He had briefly spoken with Yoda after tracking him down to Bail Organa's ship. The small green thing had hinted of a sect of Senators truly loyal to the Republic and that he should find as many of the Loyalist Committee as he could. They could help him while he could continue a fight for the Republic. Of course, there was no rebellion brewing yet, but you never know what the presence of a Jedi will do to a cause. One name special to Ferod was the mention of Mon Mothma, who he and his master had once protected on a diplomatic mission before the Clone Wars. Then Niara and Shyla walked over to the table. At the same time the waitress droid came over and slid the glass of blue milk onto the table.

"We just return from Corellia. No need to take us back" Ferod said and took a sip of milk. He again extended his arm to show them to sit down before a beep came from the man's utility belt. Taking out a comlink, he leaned back on his seat again.
"Ferod, it's done. I emptied most of the funds from everywhere but the emergency funds. The others may need it more than we do"
"Good. Return here and I'll introduce you to two... possible friends" Ferod said ad shut the comlink off, looking at the women.

"We were in the middle of something I believe. Oh yes. About this Gordon fellow. He must have one of the older lists of Jedi from before the Clone Wars. Some of them have been found on the black market for anyone to buy. He won't know who left, who was expelled and who turned to the Dark Side during the War" Ferod said to Niara before looking at Shyla.
"And I doubt you will have to fly us anywhere. I have my own ship that I blieve is much more able than yours, whatever yours may be"

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