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From where he was, Viktor could see where Carollus left to find the bank. He decided now would be the ideal time to approach her, and find out some more information regarding the Jedi's plans. He made his way quickly to cut distance between the two, but waited for her to make a turn alone down an alley by her own lost hoping before approaching her silently from behind.

"Hold it right there, Jedi," he said, withdrawing his blaster on the girl. "You're here with another Jedi. What is your business here? We don't need you dragging Republic affairs to our peaceful hideaway," he said glaring at her. She could tell in his eyes that he was able to see through her and her master's disguises. Now, while Viktor's intentions for holding her up were not true, as he did not truly care what happened to this sector of the world, he needed an excuse for stopping her to get the information from her.

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