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Carollus turned, removing the straps covering her lightsaber. As her hand rested on the lightsaber hilt she looked around. The alley was dimly lit, taking it was some sort of passage usually used only by personnel of the Wheel. That is where her race's setbacks in dark vision kicked in. She couldn't figure out much even in dim light, so she resorted to using force vision to at least see a colorless sight of the man now in front of her.
'Well this was a good idea. Cut a few minutes from the trip by taking an alley and this happens' she thought while still resting her hand on her lightsaber hilt.

"You're mistaken badly, mercenary. There is no Republic anymore. Neither are there any Jedi. Only remnants of a Republic and enemies of the Empire" she noted and took a step back.
"We are here in the search of a mercenary called Gordon. He was supposed to meet us at Black Eye, but nobody has identified himself as him. You wouldn't happen to know the man, would you?"


Meanwhile Ferod chuckled and looked at Shayla with curiosity in his eyes.
"I still have doubts your ship could outfly, outmaneuver or outgun my ship. I and my apprentice have been working on it since the first ARC-170s came into service. Completely redone model with nothing but the hull still in stock form if the new paint scheme isn't counted" the Vultan said and took a drink of his milk without looking away from the woman.

"I would be willing to bet all my credits that I and my ship could do the Kessel Run, which seems to be popular amongst the smugglers these days, under twelve parsecs" he said with a smug smile before turning to Niara.
"Why do you have ties with a CorSec operative? I would think that you were more likely on their hit list than on their friends list" he noted, even if he hadn't been told who exactly Shayla was. At times like these it payed off to have been the apprentice of the slightly paranoid Dark Woman.

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