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Ferod looked at the little scene unfold in front of him and leaned back, drinking his blue milk with a raised eyebrow and a smile on his lips. As the conversation between the two women continued, he reached to his belt and took out the amount of credits he needed to pay for the milks. When the question came, he finally turned back to the women after a glance to the door.
"Well it would be nice to know who this Gordon is who we came here to meet and which of these patrons in this bar is he" Ferod said and called the droid around again to bring the check.
"But it would be great to know what's keeping Carollus for so long"


Carollus removed her hand from her lightsaber and looked at the man.
"Leaving, unless the Empire gets here before that and forces the security to fetch us for them to kill" the jedi said and approached the man with a smile. As she came closer, her hand went up to his arm and up for the man's shoulder. A seducing smile danced on her lips as well.
"You know, I'm not a jedi anymore. I'd love to be... protected by such a strong and handsome man" she lured him, walking close to the man and leaning for his ear. She knew that her kind weren't compatible with humans, but she was still counting on the lure of a female body. That way she might be able to catch him when he's off guard and extract some information from him instead

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