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"Only heard of him. Beats me out on a few jobs sometimes, but other than that, I've got nothing personal on him and I don't know him other than as a name," he answered regarding the mercenary.

"First of all, that lightsaber," he commented, now addressing how he knew. "Second of all, your posture, the way you carry yourself. You have an air of superiority around you," he added. He continued, "That, and I saw your master, as much better as he is at hiding, he has a familiar look, like someone I might have served temporarily with during the war," he paused, then addressed the final reason. "Finally, I can sense Jedi. Your fellow Jedi taught me many tricks during the Clone Wars, one of which was how to, on a level, detect Force sensitivity amongst others. That about wraps it up," He finished explaining.

"Now where exactly are you going? Perhaps I can offer you this protection you asked for, and maybe both of us will benefit in the end, that way you don't run around here totally clueless," he offered at last.

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