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Yeah... he banned me...

Originally Posted by rut-wa jodar
People are getting banned from the KOTF forum left,right and center if their opinions are anything less than complimentary. The creator of KOTF would make a disturbingly convincing Cult leader,given the opportunity.

... cause I said "I dub KOTF vaporware". Seriously though F Tim... he is full of it. Period. Its stunning how poor Tims PR Skills are. Bottom line is dont make promises you cant keep. All he would have needed to say is "it will be done when its done". Even if all of the delays are legit people become wary of someone who crys wolf and then when there is a wolf tearing out your throat nobody comes to your aid (maybe cause your speech is now a gurgling mess of blood and spit). Whatever. I hope it works out for us and Tim.... he obviously put in a lot of time and effort into this.

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