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((Eh... Did you just do some major character controlling there, Curt? I would be fine with it if you had managed to post that before my characters separated and Ferod was joined by two characters that aren't mine or NPCs.

Also, WJ, as you threatened me with your departure unless I keep this going, I would like some contributions of your own to keep this going))

Charollus flashed a smile at the man and looked to the main street busy with people heading for another part of the Wheel.
"Thank you. I was heading back to Black Eye Cafe to reunite with my ma- hmm... Sorry, I'm not used to calling him Ferod yet" she said with a slight blush of sorts.
"I am Charollus Jali, but you may call me Carol, as it seems to flow better from your species' tongue" she said and offered a hand for a shake.


The ground shook violently as an AT-ST crashed into another one and both exploded. On the planet of Corellia a part of the local garrison of Stormtroopers fought against a small bunch of Corellian Resistance fighters secretly acting under the orders passed down from Garm Bel Iblis himself. The Stormtroopers' last walkers had been now destroyed, at least those which had been dispatched to defend a small factory capable of arming a battallion of Resistance Fighters. The loud bang of a slughtrower was overheard from all the fighting. The bullet went clean through the vizor of a Stormtrooper and instantly killed the clone within. The man wore dark green pants with a blaster holster, a bomber jacket with a flak vest on top of it, effectively modifed against energy weapons. A pat on his shoulder drew his attention off from the closing in troopers and as the man turned, he saw his squad leader of sorts there, giving the retreat sign.

They had made progress, even when they dropped into the hole behind bushes from which a tunnel led to their small bunker. The hatch closed and locked the men in and the stormtroopers out of the tunnel. When they got to the bunker, the bunch checked their ammo. The sharpshooter of the group who used a slughthrower rifle walked to the squad leader and removed a headset which had a comm, a scanner and a small screen infront of his other eye that either showed the scan results or enhanced visuals of the target of his slughthrower barrel. Now that the screen was out of the way, he was shown as what he truly was. He had a blue right eye and a brown left eye, which now stared at his squad leader.

"I have some old contacts. I know an ex-CorSec who might be interested in our agenda. Once Corellian, always a Corellian. But the point is she isn't welcome here anymore. The CorSec banished her" he said and the leader nodded.
"Contact her and report. I'll see what I can do to get her off of CorSec's blacklist so she can join the fight if she wants to" the squad leader said and the man nodded before walking towards a communications room inside the bunker. One of the other rebels followed him.
"Come on Eki, you know it's useless. Us Corellians are thick headed" the rebel said and the man now sitting next to the holoprojector smirked.
"Maybe, but I need to try anywho. Maybe she's bumped into some Jedi on her travels. Now those are the ones we need to fight for our cause" the man named Eki Rostor said before pushing in some code and starting to speak. Knowing well which ship she stole he transmitted a message to it, not sure if she was in the shp but if not, the astromech would probably patch his message through or note of a message when she came back to the ship.

"Shyla. Hey... I know it's been a while and I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch since CorSec academy, but I really need you. some big shot in the government who wants to keep anonymous has started a resitsance movement in the Corellia system and we're still an odd bunch. We need you and any friends you may deem helpful in the situation. Corellia needs you, no matter what CorSec says. We're trying to get you off the blacklist. I need you, Shyla. Contact me as soon as you get the message"

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