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"Talk or die, right now." Naboo commando Alixe Medcraft shoved the lightsaber against Clone Commander Cody's throat as her squad took in the surviving members of their assault. "Where is she."
"We didn't want to do it, we knew it was wrong..." Alixe angled the weapon before extending the blue blade.
"Be fitting to be killed by her blade." Alixe was no Jedi but she could torture Clonetrooper with one easy enough. "This was a souviner of your killing is it?"
"No, nothing like that, we were only following orders." Alixe had a fair idea whose, after what she found on Coroscant.
"Orders are no excuse." She waved the weapon about his face menacingly. "Can you think of a reason why the galaxy wouldn't be better off without you?"
"We didn't..."
"Didn't think so." Her end of the conversation over, Alixe flicked her wrist and ended Cody's life. She bent down to the headless corpse when her commander came up from behind.
"Did your torture yield anything?" he demanded. Alixe deactivated the lightsaber and held it up.
"If this is anything like we thought then she is the same as all the other Jedi that had been found. Dead." Commander Walter Jao reached for the weapon when Alixe pulled it close to her chest. Knowing the pain she felt, they all felt, he placed a hand on her shoulder. When she turned away however, her body shaking over the grief she felt, he didn't argue and went to organise the squad to move out and report.
Orders, she thought, throwing the lightsaber against a tree in anger. Trying hard not to let her feelings get the better of her Alixe slowly pulled out a bag which she placed Cody's head in, thinking of the dramatic effect it might have when she next fought agaiinst the rising empire when she would hold it up like a trophy. That done, she went over to pick up the lightsaber, the hilt somewhat battered but still allowing Alixe to see her brown features in the metal.
"I will avenge you my friend," she whispered, "I swear it."
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