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"Actually, that depends on where we are headed. If you helped an ex-CorSec steal a ship, someone must be looking for it" Ferod said and looked at Niara.
"We will need either a completely new ship that hasn't been linked to illegal business and which hasn't been stolen. Or the second thing is that we take the public transports which are very risky due to pirates and Imperial customs surprise checks" he explained and reached down to his utility belt. He took out a small holopad connected to a comlink.

The image of a Trandoshan appeared in front of them on the table where the holopad had been set down.
"Yeah?" the Trandoshan asked in his native tongue while getting responses in basic.
"You still owe me one, my friend" Ferod said in basic and seemingly made the Trandoshan uncomfortable ad paying off debts was never good news.
"Well, what do you want this time?" the Trandoshan asked with what seemed like a sigh.
"We need a ship. Freighter. Well armed but fast and without any records in the Imperial database" Ferod asked and the Trandoshan looked shocked. This was enhanced by what the Sultan said next:
"And we need it within two hours"

The comm suddenly cut off and Ferod smiled.
"We'll have our new ship within two hours. Now it's up to you. Do you wish to leave your ships behind, don't come at all or dock with the new ship. That is, once we know where we're going. There must be an insurgency going on somewhere without the Empire letting the public know. We'll just have to find it through other means than HoloNet News"

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