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Adding Custom Music to KOTOR

Mod note: Copied from this thread, you can leave any comments or questions there. ~M

Adding custom music to Kotor

Heres a little guide I whipped up to add your own custom music files to KOTOR. *Notice* this is not for replacing existing music files. I am going to create a completely new entry and add it to a module. Always backup your original files before you edit them. Also this will not work on a module if you've entered it before in your current game .

1. Getting started
*Tools needed*
Kotor Tool - Fred Tetra
K-gff Editor - Tk102
ERFEditor - Stoffe

2. Adding the MP3 Click For Screen
First things first find the MP3 (or WAV) you want to add. I used Dante's Theme from Full Metal Alchemist. Put it in the StreamMusic folder in your Kotor game directory. Then rename it to something like (mus_theme_dante.mp3 - or - mus_area_dante.mp3).

3. A little 2da editing Click For Screen
Now open Kotor Tool and open the ambientmusic.2da file in the 2da folder. Then add a new entry at the bottom.

(Row Label ) I used the value 49 (you can make it anything greater than 48.) That was the highest value set in Kotor I. Kotor II might have a different amount of tracks.

(Description) I used the value 42436 [edit] i have just discoverd that this value is refrenced to the .tlk file. so the value -1 will work just fine. ,

(Resource) the name of your music file without the MP3 or WAV extension. Then save the 2da file to your Override folder in you Kotor Game directory.

4. Adding the custom music to a Module Click For Screen Click For Screen
Now find the module that you want to add the custom music to (I used the Jedi Enclave ). Extract it's .GIT file and open it up with K-gff. Then find the STRUCT labeled Area Properties. Change its MusicDay and MusicNight (or MusicBattle if youre editing the battle music) to the Row Label you gave you custom music in the 2da file, then save.

5. We are almost done Click For Screen
Then open up ERFEdit and locate the Module RIM file you extracted the .GIT file from in Kotor Tool (it will be in the Module folder in your Kotor game directory). Then add the edited .GIT file to the Rim you opened. Overwrite the existing .GIT file in the .RIM file with your new one. Save the .RIM file and you are done.

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