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it was a good game overall but like what alot of people said that i have several things to comment on

1. The campaign was way too easy and short on the consortium end plus. The final battle even though i thought i would have lost a lot of ships. I actualy only lost a crusader and a few fighters and bombers which seemed really sad. but then again i had like 4 keldable ships and 3 of the cap ships not to mention i had several other waiting to be reinforced.
2.Even though each race had there own units and new upgrades and such. I found that the consortium could pretty much overpower the empire. Like here is a good group. maybe 5 or 6 vengeace frigates with 3 crusaders and a few fighters and bombers could takle pretty much any sized fleet. mostly cause the frigates would handle the capital,battle,and other frigates plus corvettes while the crusaders would kill bombers along with fighters and the fighters and bombers would just be there for extra collateral. i am not sure but in galactic conquest do the rebels and empire fight each other. like what i mean is since i am consortium. I can sit in defence and let them kill each other. but do they try to take each others planets. that if anybody could answer would be greatly appreciated.

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