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"Why do you trust a droid to fly your ship?" the man in the cage inquired, cocking his head to one side curiously.

"I don't," Aislin Dantes answered shortly, her cool blue eyes flicking away from the caged man for a brief moment before returning to him. "Ceru is the ship. Artificial intelligence."

"And far more intelligent than a droid," the ship added in a surprisingly human-sounding voice. "This ship, the Cerulean Eye is the single most sophisticated ship of its size known to the galaxy."

"Great," the caged man grumbled. "A boasting ship..." He looked away from Aislin. "Are we there yet?"

Amused, Aislin smiled and shook her head. "Not yet," she replied. "And I think you'll find yourself screaming in fear when we make it to our destination."

"You never told me who you're working for," the prisoner said. Aislin grinned.

"A bounty hunter never reveals his or her employer," she repeated for what seemed like the hundredth time. "But why are you so eager to learn? You'll find out soon enough."

"So..." the man mumbled. Then, he grinned. "Why are you watching me instead of flying the ship?"

Now, Aislin scowled. "If you need the question answered again, Ruben Shoal, you are a far greater fool than my employer suggested to me. I am watching you because you're a genuine escape artist... and besides, if Ceru can fly the ship, why should I miss out on this circular conversation, fascinating as it is?"

For once, Ruben Shoal shut his mouth, And Aislin smiled at the relief.

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