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Originally Posted by stoffe
Bastila reminds me of a porcelain doll with her deathly pale skin and large head with childlike features. Mira has flat, dead eyes and looks perpetually pissed off. Juhani is a bit too alien for my tastes. The Handmaiden's features remind me of some greek amazon depiction for some reason.

I wouldn't say any of them are really "hot", if I had to pick one it would probably be Visas (if you disregard that there is an empty void inside her mouth) since what little you see of her makes her look a bit exotic and mysterious.
I agree with you on Juhani and Handmaiden.
Originally Posted by stoffe
I guess you can say it's the inside that matters if you find a genderless, incorporeal AI entity to be hot.
I was just talkin about looks on this one.

Originally Posted by Grey Master
Cortana is hot
Who is Cortana? Its been awhile since I've actually played the game

"Size matters not-"-Yoda
"So your telling me that if a rancor comes after me, the fact that it's at least 20x's bigger than me dosen't mean a d***ed thing?"-some random, smart-mouthed aprentice before the clone wars

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