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"Tell the Sith Hunters that I appreciate the gesture, but politely remind Reibe that I hardly need a Hunter for a bodyguard, no matter how well she's been trained," Charna instructed the messenger.

"Forgive me, My Lady," the messenger said. "But the young Hunter has already arrived."

Charna sighed. "It would be terribly bad form to send her away now..." she muttered. "Send her in."

The messenger bowed and retreated. A moment later, a young woman dressed in dark brown, flexible clothing entered. Her features reminded Charna ever so slightly of Jahara, but her hair was near-black and her eyes were almost as dark. As she approached, she nodded her head.

"Lady Charna," she addressed formally. "My name is Rellis Thren."

"Not a formal bow," Charna observed. She chuckled. "You are a Hunter. So... Reibe sends me the child of Jahara for a bodyguard?"

Rellis shrugged. "She knows very well you don't need a bodyguard," she admitted, "as do I. However, the Sith Dominion raised the paycheck for bounty hunters when it comes to you." She laughed lightly. "I don't know... perhaps Reibe merely wanted me to meet you."

Charna smiled. "Well, now you have," she said. "I'll have to contact Reibe... to determine the real purpose of your visit. In any case, you are not unwelcome. I can have someone show you to a room if you would like."

Rellis nodded. "Thank you, Lady Charna. I think I should like the chance to freshen up a bit... long flights, small cockpit... I'm sure you understand."

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