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The purple-blue cape flapped behind the slightly greyed man who stepped upon the hallways of the Embassy. It seemed Lord Tepe was out and about again. Before he got to his destination, however, a man stopped him and the four guards he was with.
"Milord, here's the file you requested for. The boys at IIA did everything they could to find as much information of her as they could" the man said and Tepe nodded, taking the small holoscreen handed to him. On it was the picture of the bounty hunter and her trademark ship, an old repainted model of one of his Dominion's Royal Transports as well as information of the bounty hunter. He smirked and handed the screen back.

"Send word to Gentleman Roberts. I want that girl. Alive. I will not have her take a bounty on my head. She might be too much for my security. I want nothing of this operation leading back to me, you hear?" Tepe said and the man receiving the holoscreen back nodded, bowed and left. The Lord then continued on his way to the door already in view from where he stood. Waving his hand the guards stopped outside the door and stood into guard duty while Lord Tepe visited his lovely wife.
"Milady" Tepe said and bowed as he entered and the door closed behind him before noticing another person in the room.
"What's this? Not another social visit from one of your friends, darling?"


It had taken a while but the NSES agents had managed to finally round up the republicans when the notice came to interrogate, bug and release. So the agents did just that. They got the insurgents disarmed, walked them into separate rooms in the light freighter to avoid risking the security within their own remodeled Consular-class ship. After interrogations they knocked out each of the republicans and inserted a small tracker within their bodies before leaving before they woke up. By the time they woke up the piece of hull that had been removed was back and welded in place and the only thing left of their visit was the dead crew. They would now proceed to the next republican shuttle they had knowledge of.


Two ships floated silently in space in the middle of an asteroid belt which had been their home base since they had been employed by the Dominion. They were seemingly wooden-hulled and of an extremely ancient design of battleships, resembling much the ship of the former Jedi Lord Farfalla. They were pirates and their leader was Gentleman Roberts. For a reason was their ships similar to that of the ancient equine Jedi, for the crew was formed of many long since forgotten races lately found once again. Reptilian, avian and equine races were all there as well as some humans and other races. As it happened the leader himself was a Quarren and his personal bodyguards were either Mon Calamari, Quarren or Aqualish.

The hologram transmission ended on the deck of the second ship. Both ships were dark brown and had details much like planks would. There was movement on the main deck, sealed from the emptiness of space by a simple force field. The movement on deck only showed how massive the ship was, as otherwise from distance it could seem small and even from up close it could seem smaller than it was. With width it extended over 500 meters and in length it stretched a mile at least. The second ship was slightly smaller with two hundred meters taken from both lengths. The three or four masts and the immobile steel-alloy sails stood proudly, the lower edges of the sails roughly marking the lowest point in the force field. On the bridge, within the structure at the very back of the main deck, the hologram transmission ended from Coruscant giving their next objective.

This was their specialty. LICE-missions, aka Locate, Intercept, Capture, Escort -missions. The Quarren man turned from the holopad and turned to his first mate who handed him a small microphone which gave him the ability to send commands to all ships.
"All ships ahoy. Three stay behind, all rest on LICE-mission. Objective: Aislin Dantes" he said, giving the microphone back and walking over to a small railing. Looking down at the brains of the vessel, the command bridge, he looked at the first mate who stopped next to him to see the same sight.
"All engines full power. As soon as we get beyond the belt, open all tracking channels and find me that ship" the captain said and walked off, leaving the first mate to bark orders until her mouth was dry and throat sore.

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