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The Quarren captain stood at the helm when the newest model of the mechno-chair wobbled over and the hologram of the first mate appeared.
"Gentleman Roberts, we're arriving from hyperspace. The Stormers have gotten ready and two other ships are ready at the scene" the first mate said and Roberts nodded. Of course it wasn't his real name, but it had been the name of the leader since the first days of the pirate group, so it shrouded the real species and name of the leader from everyone else except the higher ladders of the Pirates.

The large ship jumped out of hyperspace near two others of the smaller version. Soon afterwards each of the three ships activated their gravity well projectors and got their weapons ready. It had payed off to plant a spy in the Greater Stars. Knowing all too well it was futile to go against the home ship with only one of theirs, the pirates had received word from the spy and gathered a group of three ships to engage the home ship. Just after the Quarren captain got to the entrance to the bridge did the call battle stations come out through the speakers and the home ship was drawn out of hyperspace. Rushing to the bridge and onto the lift that took him above the bridge onto the main command station, the Quarren man took a tricorne hat from behind his back and put it on with a smirk. When he got on his place the home ship had been surrounded in a triangular formation with all three pirate ships keeping it in place with their gravity well projectors and tractor beam as well as their communications disrupted by the flagship.

The home ship opened fire and as a countermeasure the pirates did what they always did. They turned sideways to the ship and concentrated shield to the one side while opening up hatches that littered the whole side of the ship. From inside then protruded cannons of many kind, including laser cannons, turbolasers, ion cannons and mass-driver cannons. The home ship scanners obviously showed the amount of firepower the pirates held and increased firepower as well as releasing any small attack craft in their use. The first mate looked at Gentleman Robinson and he only smiled.

"Fire full broadside. Get all point-defence laser cannons firing at those attack craft" the command was heard and acknowledged. All three ships gave one round of broadsides, the energy weapons crushing the shields for a brief moment, giving way to the ion weapons to take out the electrical system usually defended by the shields. The mass cannon didn't really even have to wait for the energy weapons since they could bypass the shield due to not being made of energy and crushed against the hull of the home ship.

"All ships close up and board the damn thing" the Quarren man said and the first made forwarded the command around the three ships. The attack craft went down one after another before nothing was left. The home ship had stopped shooting mainly due to the excessive loss of power due to the ion cannons. All three pirate ships got as close as they could, aligning themselves to any docking rings or hangars before letting their secret weapon out. The cannons withdrew and the hatches closed before new hatches opened and long tubes came out, attaching to docking rings, hangars or in the case where neither were available into the hull and the crew cut through in a matter of minutes. Once all tubes had been attached the Quarren man contacted the ship while the cutting of the hull began.

"This is your first and last warning. Give up resistance and hand over information on the whereabouts of a certain ms. Aislin Dantes as well as all valuable material except personnel"

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