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The sound of cutting ceased echoing through the home ship and the schreeching of metal ceased also until with a loud bang several tubes released their holds from the hull and retracted, leaving those tubes attached to docking rings and hangars the only ones in place. And through them came those who the pirates called Stormers. First the hiss of the tube stabilizing air pressure between the home ship and the pirate ships, followed by a mechanical hiss and creak that was caused by the doors opening from the pirate end of the tubes.

The low clunk of boots against the floor of the tube echoed inside the home ship as from the darkness started appearing Stormers. They wore bright red clothes with electrum-covered blast dampener vests and kami as well as an electrum-covered helmet resembling that of a human skull with eye sockets black with small red photoreceptors in the middle that led the picture throught a computer in the helmet and into the screen inside the helmet. Each armor had the Gentleman Roberts insignia upon their chests to let everyone know who just robbed them. In the hangar the Stormers marched out, lining up into row after row of these soldiers, showing that these were well trained, equipped and funded pirates acting as the hand of someone much more powerful than just their leader or some corporation who wants to disrupt rival corporations by privateering their transports. Those who came through the docking rings continued straight to their objectives without any hesitation or theatrics. After the hangars had been filled these men also began their advance.

It was horribly clear that if they had the command to destroy the Greater Stars, the Stormers were ready and very able to do so. Most were probably ex-soldiers and mercenaries who were trained in turn by ex-drill instructors and veterans all over again to serve as a paramilitary instead of an official military. A group of ten entered the bridge of the ship and drew out their weapons, standing loosely around the room before letting in their commanding officer who instead of red wore blue under the armor. He walked a few steps from the door and smirked under his helmet. Identifying swiftly who the crew looked to in this hour of confusion and need of orders he drew out his blaster and pointed it at the character, even if it were or weren't Max.
"Aislin Dantes" the officer said, requesting for information with those two words.

The ship was being overrun by the Stormers with them marching throught the corridors and finding the valuables. They carried the stuff themselves, as according to Gentleman Roberts "it keeps them in shape". Nobody could stop them, as they wouldn't hesitate to shoot anyone who stood in their way for longer than three second ad everyone who came even close to the looters were pushed roughly against the wall. It would take half an hour at least to loot everything and then leave. so numerous were they.

Meanwhile, on a different post another officer wearing blue walked in with three other soldiers. The man the Greater Stars knew as Idiot stood up and sighed of relief.
"Great, guys. Am I being recalled?" he asked but recieved the officer's blaster pointing at his head as a response.
"Nothing personal, Bruck. You know how it goes. You can't have any loose ends when on a LICE" the officer said and shot Bruck "Idiot" Denn right between the eyes before putting the blaster away and walking off.

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