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Originally Posted by Black Knight of Keno
"Milady" Tepe said and bowed as he entered and the door closed behind him before noticing another person in the room.
"What's this? Not another social visit from one of your friends, darling?"

Charna laughed lightly. "Hardly. This is Rellis Thren, one of Jahara's daughters. Sith Hunter. We've established that neither one of us knows Reibe's true reason for sending her. As we all know, I hardly need a bodyguard."

Rellis grinned and nodded in Tepe's direction. "A pleasure to meet you, Darth Tepe," she said. "If you'll excuse me, I was just about to go freshen up a little."

"And I was about to contact Reibe," Charna added. With a playful grin to Tepe, she asked, "I don't suppose you'd like to say hello?"

Rellis chuckled and departed, going to the room she'd been offered. Once she arrived, she examined the room for the audio and video bugs she knew would be in place. Though the Sith Hunters were not enemies of the Dominion, this was a precaution to be expected in every room. With a cheerful grin, she waved at one of the cameras and then went about her business.

When she had washed herself and redressed in clean clothing, Rellis went out onto the balcony adjacent to her room. It offered a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas, but that wasn't what interested the young Sith Hunter. She looked up for a moment and determined that it would be an easy climb to the roof, especially with the Force to aid her ascent.

In a matter of seconds, Rellis was perched atop the roof and she stared up into space. It was just beginning to go dark and the young woman turned to watch the sun set. Slowly, she closed her eyes, sank to her knees, and began to focus her energy. To anyone else, it would appear that she was meditating. But the thing she was actually doing took a great deal more focus, so much so that it impressed Reibe the young woman had been able to master it so quickly.

Rellis Thren was contacting the other Sith Hunters. But instead of shouting a message through the Force for all to hear, Rellis was using a far more focused technique. She channeled the Force into a narrow beam, shooting outward from the planet in such a focused point that it would be next to impossible for any other Force users to detect... unless they were on the receiving end. And Rellis' mother, Jahara, was on the receiving end.

Good to hear you've arrived safely, Jahara's voice echoed in Rellis' mind.

Reibe should have received a call from Charna by now, Rellis told her mother. She and Tepe are understandably curious concerning my presence.

Very understandable indeed, Jahara agreed. I only wish we could tell them the truth. But Reibe insisted on absolute secrecy. She was just as enigmatic as ever when Charna called and I hardly expect her to change her approach. This is a delicate matter, though. Perhaps she's right.

I don't pretend to understand that which completely mystifies me, Rellis said, amused. Reibe included. I'll contact you again later. It's been an hour... Charna must be wondering where I am.

Be safe, Jahara urged. And then the connection was severed. Smiling faintly, Rellis headed back to her room.

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