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"I haven't used the title of Darth since I stopped being a Sith. You just call me Lord or Tepe, whichever suits you better" he said just before Rellis went into the next room.
"Although, Sith Hunters always have trouble with titles, were they their own or mine" he said and looked at the closed door for a while. Then he finally heard his wife's question and shook his head quietly.
"I'm lacking on my meditations and I think now is the time for catching up. I don't know how long this period of no disturbance will be there" the man said, walking to Charna and looked into her eyes before giving her a kiss. The man indeed had not meditated in months, maybe even a total year and his contact with the Force had diminished. He knew it was still there to be reached, but not as easily as he had done it before. This was told even by his eyes which had reverted back into their original state of blue irises. So he sat down and began his meditations, feeling a strong surge of power from the roof at some point. To the outside world he smiled with his eyes closed at the power.
'Sith Hunters...' he thought and would've shaken his head if it had not disturbed his meditation


In the end it had been so that the pirates got to the planet before Aislin could leave, but knowing just as well from the information they recieved what kind of a ship they were up against, they knew she could get away even after they blockaded the panet. They couldn't use their cannons due the small target and the possibility it would result in an orbital bombardment as Aislin dodged every bolt they sent at her. So they used a tactic that would cause minimal destruction to the planet. They powered up their quad-turbolaser turrets and point-defense laser cannons and began shooting low-power shots on the ground that made at best a larger patch of burnt grass than anything else. This was to flush the woman down and once a moving non-synthetic object went on the move they would power up the lasers and lock-on so they could immobilize it and pull it in with the tractor beams.

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