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Originally Posted by RedHawke
What makes a woman/girl hot to me is far more than her looks alone.
When I say "hot" I mean in looks. Not depth or personality. If any of the girls were real I wouldnt go for the best looking. Im not like that I would go for the one with the best personallity that is close to me. plus the fact that i myself and a teen I would go for Mission. I was just askin who did you think looked the best.

Also you are getting way to litteral with all the digital pixles stuff. I know thats what they are I was just wonderin,if they were real, who you thought looked the best. OK?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth
I find Hanharr rather hot.

You meant hotheaded, right?
No, you know I meant hot in looks(Smart a**)

"Size matters not-"-Yoda
"So your telling me that if a rancor comes after me, the fact that it's at least 20x's bigger than me dosen't mean a d***ed thing?"-some random, smart-mouthed aprentice before the clone wars

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