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"Alixe." Commander Jao went over to the grieving soldier.
"Why?" she asked. "Senator Amidala is dead, the Jedi children were slaughtered. The rest..." Alixe trailed off. "Why for hells sake? For what?" she demanded despite knowing the answer.
"The others saw what you did," Jao told her. Alixe glared at the remaining Clone Troopers.
"Good. Maybe now they'll start giving answers." She started towards them, reaching for the dead Jedi's lightsaber.
"They said they didn't want to kill her, they were under orders."
"That's no excuse!" she snapped. Instead of taking out her anger on the survivors she grabbed the sack with Cody's head and flung it against a tree.
"What's that?" Jao asked. Alixe gave no answer, instead trying to hold back her rage enough to consider the next best course of action. "Right. They said they would show us where they killed her."
"So we know for sure." Alixe sank to the ground, a hand over her face in grief.
"Look I don't think you need to be here," Jao told her, trying to be comforting. "Head back to the shuttle until we're finished here." Alixe looked up at him for a moment before choosing to storm off, take time to come to terms with what happened.
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