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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
There, fixed. Seriously, though, hotness isn't ONLY about looks (though it IS a key component). Some people think Paris Hilton is hot, I think she's not. Besides, RH was really only talking about his own standards, right? D'frent strokes for d'frent folks is all.
And I'm D'frent from the others? Cause I don't think that PariSPOILED Hilton ios hot either. And I can say that not even focusing on her pissing personality.

Originally Posted by Web Rider
fortunately for that argument, ALL the girls are hotter than just your average girl on the street, which means when you win, you still win, and if you lose, you win.
I dunno if it's because I'm happy, but I laughed so much when I read that! So true , this statement.


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