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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
This just in.....due to global warming, Hell is now in for an unforseeably long heat wave...
Aw man, and right when my air conditioner broke

As for merging the Senate Chambers and Kavar's Corner, I say nay for pretty much the same reason Sabretooth said, in that one is for the Jedi Knight forumites, and Kavar's Corner is for us KotOR forumites. To add to that, I've noticed that KotOR gamers are of a different mindset than other Star Wars gamers, like those who frequent the Jedi Knight forums or the Battlefront forums. And it's not just on LucasForums, the difference is evident on other sites like FileFront. I don't know why, but KotOR forumites are generally less rude and/or belligerent than the people who frequent the other forums.

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