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"Charna, what a pleasant surprise," Reibe said over the comm. Charna smiled faintly.

"Don't tease our intelligence, Reibe," she said gently. "You were expecting this."

"True," Reibe agreed. "You're calling in an attempt to uncover my reasons behind sending Rellis to you."

"Am I that transparent?" Charna asked, laughing softly. Reibe shook her head.

"I've had 2100 years of experience in reading people," she said. "In many cases, I know what their opinion of a situation is before they do."

"Rellis, then," Charna said. "Why have you sent her?"

"Consider it an advanced traning mission for her," Reibe answered. "Our informant net has indicated that the bounty hunter, Aislin Dantes has been contacted concerning the assassination bounty posted on you. She's not one to shy away from a challenge... and she's very good at what she does. Jensaarai training, or so I hear."

"I could subdue her in seconds," Charna remarked.

"As could Rellis," Reibe shot back. "However, Rellis is learning to fight without fully relying on the Force. Give her a chance. Challenge her to a sparring match, even. She's good enough, she could give you a run for your money without Force-aid. And yes, I've heard you've been practicing lately. I'm still highly confident in Rellis' skills."

"So you intend me to stand back and watch Rellis fight Aislin if the hunter comes here?" Charna asked.

"Aislin Dantes will come to you," Reibe said. "And what I want you to do is watch Rellis. She's highly skilled, but she has not fully learned control. If she begins to look as if she'll kill Aislin..."

"I'll intervene," Charna said quickly. "There is more to the young Dantes girl than meets the eye."

"That's all I ask of you," Reibe said. "Except to take good care of Rellis. Treat her like a daughter."

"How could I not?" Charna asked, smiling faintly. "The daughter of my best friend?"

Just as the connection closed, Charna sensed a powerful ripple in the Force coming from the roof. Her eyes narrowed ever so slightly and she hurried to the nearest balcony. From there, she ascended to the roof in a massive, Force-aided leap, just in time to see Rellis vanish from sight across the roof.

"What are the Hunters up to now?" Charna wondered aloud. With that, she returned to her quarters. Perhaps she'd have a talk with Rellis later.

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