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I have a character if that's okay.

"Why not Mara instead of Jaden? She was a Sith after all."
Alixe offering some stinging advice on hunting down the Sith

Name: Alixe Medcraft
Age: 70, born 54 BBY
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Her dark skin has paled with age, her green eyes are dimmer than they were and the hair that's growing back after she went bald is grey. Alixe bears the scars of many battles, including a cybernetic leg that she hates yet was forced to have after an incident on Hoth.
Homeworld: Deralia
Rank: Sergeant
Equipment: Believing that bigger is better Alixe uses a concussion rifle to get by the defences of the Sith. She also pack thermal detonators to drive ot the enemy and trip mines to spring ambushes.
Bio: Alixe Medcraft began her life of conflict as a member of the Trade Federation in the Old Republic, who she loyally served until they set their sites on Naboo. Upon hearing that the planet's queen was to be taken into slavery she defected, not agreeing with their methods. She helped fight against the droid army before continuing her career as a soldier. She would have liked Amidala to remain as queen but understood the reasoning behind stepping down and remained a loyal guardian for Naboo, loyalty that would be rewarded when Amidala, now a senator, was targeted for assassination. Alixe was sent to work with the Jedi in guarding her. While Obi Wan and Anakin protected Amidala herself Alixe was provided a Jedi Knight to watch over her, Aayla Secura. Using her skills as a sniper she provided overwatch for the senate as well as Amidala's Naboo retreat. When the Clone Wars began however Alixe was taken from the front lines, instead being used solely for defending where the conflict might spread. It was because of this that she was one of the last to learn of Palpatine's conquering of the galaxy, first learning of it when she heard of Amidala's death. A subsequent strike on Coroscant failed and when Alixe learnt the full details including the slaughter of the Jedi, she went mad. She made it her mission to hunt down, torture and kill the Clone armies, in fact even those in the Empire were horrified by the depths she would stoop to for revenge. Alixe was called back to Naboo to defend it from the Empire where she again failed, where she stewed in her anger until the Rebel Alliance came looking for her. Alixe thought they would be slaughtered but nonetheless agreed to help, eventually working with Jan Ors as a commando. She had her leg sliced off on Hoth and her days as a soldier, it appeared, were over. For a time she stubbornly refused to have a cybernetic one grafted onto her, but finally agreed because the opportunity was given to her to hunt down the Emperor's Hand, Mara Jade. Alixe saw this as a way of possibly getting to the Emperor himself and hounded the young Sith even after the destruction of the Death Star and Palpatine's death, even though she would later admit that her revenge against Sidious was complete and it was only to keep Mara from attacking the New Republic. Alixe still feels at odds with Mara Jade because of who she was, however she recognises the ill feelings within her and wants to be able to put them aside. Even though she is really too old and her body isn't meant to be fighting anymore Alixe still acts as an advisor and is willing to take up arms again given half an excuse.
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