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"Low-level shots detected on the surface," Ceru warned as Aislin reached the ship. "Looks like our pirate pals found us... no doubt with aid from the Greater Stars."

"Max would say it's just good business practice," Aislin muttered. She sighed. "Well, he said their objective was to LICE us. What better way to uncover their employer than to have them take us directly to them?"

"You want to surrender?" Ceru gasped. "Whatever for?"

"I have a lurking suspicion we know who the pirates' employer is," Aislin answered. "Like Max said, there's only a few people in the galaxy who've got the status required to send a full fleet of pirates without leaving a trace. And I suspect this employer is going to put us in perfect position to fulfil the job we've been hired for."

She switched on the comm system. "This is Aislin Dantes of the Cerulean Eye," she said. "Word has it, you've been hired to locate, intercept, capture, and escort me. I intend to cooperate. Might I ask where we'll be going?"

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