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Bastila is good looking, but her personality frankly put me off. I didn't like how she treated the other crew members.

Juhani has a luggage rack to unload, even more than Carth! But I still wanted to reach through the TV set and give her a big hug. When all's said and done, she will make someone a wonderful girlfriend.

Handmaiden has Juhani's insecurities and Bastila's frosty demeanor. My DSM figures he can seduce her in every way possible and ends up being right.

Mira? Probably the best entry, as she can take care of herself, is reasonably sane, and not so bad-looking. Ditch that chip on the shoulder, and we'll talk. Either that, or set her up with an easy-going farmboy who will remind her to relax every so often. (Is it just me, or was someone inspired by Mara Jade?)

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