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Once the ship had left atmosphere it was grabbed by several tractor beams on the flagship which began to pull it towards it. However. the location of it's hangar was abnormal, as the tractor beams pulled her close, then new tractor beams began pulling her upwards to the main deck while the lower tractor beams let go. Once above the main deck, new tractor beams once again took over and led her spat in the middle of the deck and inside the force field around it. The smaller ship was carefully then lowered onto the deck and several heavy repeating blaster cannons around the deck were manned and aimed at the ship.

Once the ship had touched the deck, Stormers marched from below the deck and proceeded within the captured vessel to temporarily deactivate the AI and escort the prisoner onboard and into the prison cell. By the time she was escorted out of her ship, the pirate vessel had turned it's bow for the black space and began the jump to hyperspace. And when the group turned to see to the deck once in the large turbolift, the stars were already wooshing past.

The force field of the force cage hummed into activity in a several foot radius around Aislin and the Stormers stood to their places. If she reached around herself wit the force she could clearly sence the Stormers, but not as organic men and women of various species, but rather as droids. To be truthful, all of them were various designs of battle, guard and assassin droids with the exoskeleton changed to become that of the Stormers. And to lower the costs to minimum, they were mostly originally deactivated Yuuzhan Vong Hunter -droid series. However, the officers clad in blue were of many humanoid species in charge of the actions of the droids.

((I'll be making a time jump soon to get everyone together, just so y'all know))

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