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((You can still post past events, but this will be the time jump point))

== Time Jump ==

The tribal tent and it's surroundings were busy with Ansionians and their mount animals. Nearby was a herd belonging the tribes and it seemed like an occasional get-together. However, the two middle tents were larger than usual. This meant that someone much higher was present and more people than usually were present were expected to arrive. And that was to an amount true. In the second large tent was a Dominion shuttle, it's ramp down and passengers outside. Outside the ramp stood two guards, one wearing green and the other red and both having a firm hold of a strap holding their rifles behind their backs but easily drawn out for a firefight. Inside the shuttle, backs to the opposite wall of the ramp, stood a similar pair at guard, making sure that if anyone got past the first guards without a clearance, they wouldn't get past them.

In the smaller tents it was buzzing. While on the outside it was just a tribal meeting, inside it was a mobile military-grade operation. The local garrison had been called to assist on creating the sharade with the locals and now it was going quite well. A man walked out of the second larger tent, clad in brown shades and wearing a poncho. He walked to one of the medium-sized tents originally meant for storage but were now used as small command centers, each of the eight tents having it's own meaning in the overall process. The poncho-wearing man entered one of the tents and walked to the holotable opening up infront of him and looked at the other men and women surrounding the table, some being holographic in from.

"Sir, the second battle over Coruscant has ended. We are expecting the Empire-Sith Dominion alliance to try and break through somewhere in the nearby systems so it doesn't need to every time to circle via the Unknown Regions. All of our fleets are at high readiness and IIA has been alerted to intercept all messages between the Empire and Sith Dominion" the Lord's assistant said and recieved an accepting nod as a responce. Tepe then turned to one of the holographic images, who happened to be Emukiel, one of the Lord's oldest and most trusted advisors who had been with him since the beginning and now acted as the Head of Speech in the Council of Governors.
"The Governors have spoken with their regions' leaders and the concensus is that if we are to attack, it should be in defence and not attack. They will keep all reserves active and training in case, but they do not wish to send them into a meaningless war" the Weequay said and looked at Tepe.
"Bah... They are all weak nowadays. Back when the Dominion was new and had gone through four wars in a short amount of time, I had people I could rely on if a war was to come. Now corruption and weakness has overcome even my upper ladder of government. Have the secret services check up on every single leader we have. Even the generals. If they show any sign of weaknessor hesitation in an act of war or disobey direct orders, have them removed from office and replaced with someone with a bit more attitude like the men of my day" Tepe said before looking at the doorway where a messenger stood.

"My Lord, Lady Charna wishes your presence in the main tent. The entertainment is about to begin. Also, we have recieved word that a pirate vessel is approaching for planetfall. Apparently it is the flagship of Gentleman Roberts" he said and Tepe nodded, walking off with him to observe the entertainment the locals had provided to them in honor of their visit.
When he sat down in the small booth constructed to them right opposite to the doorway to the large tent, he placed his hand on the hand of his loving wife, Lady Charna.


Meanwhile, the pirate ship entered atmosphere and six large hatches opened, letting out three pairs of landing gears before setting down near the Lord's little sharade. Aislin had been removed from her force cage upon planetfall and escorted to the main deck where a speeder waited for them. And so it was that once she was in the large speeder, surrounded by four Stormers and one of the Stormer officers as well as the driver, she got her first glimpse upon the pirate who captured him. Gentleman Roberts walked into the speeder with his first mate and sat down, giving a smile to Aislin while sitting down.

The speeder left off for the tribal tents where they would hand over the prisoner and her ship if the Lord would ask for it.

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