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Gentleman Roberts looked at the prisoner and smiled. She had recognized the planet nearly instantly. Only more reason for them to keep a keen eye on her. The first mate had a comlink headset on his head and leaned on to the captain, whispering something. The Quarren pirate nodded as a response. Once the view opened up to the small tribal village the captain turned to see Aislin.
"After you step outside of this speeder, you will be an official guest of our employer and not a prisoner. You are free to go, but our employer has wished you to attend the entertainment in the main tent" Roberts said and stood up, walked to the door and watched the speeder set down before the doors opened.

Gentleman Roberts and his first mate walked out of ths ship and were greeted immediately by who seemed by the native Alwari, except for the point that they used technology, which they usually shun and despise. This was a definate give-away, but the sharade wasn't planned to fool anyone close-up, but rather make people dismiss the idea of an undercover-operation when passing by or trying to infiltrate with a probe. After the two had been greeted, Aislin was walked out, released and the Stormers walked off with the Pirate captain. They headed for the main tent where from echoed he sounds of music and cheering. Indeed, currently there was a dance troupe, one of the many who wished to gain name for themselves in the galaxy by performing for world leaders, performing their routine with the music provided by a local musical group.

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