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Well, I've never heard of "WTFBBQ" before, and decided to Google the crap out of it... I still have no idea. Wow, when Google fails, there is no hope!

I understand the definition of it to be "A response to something unknown or confusing" but have yet to understand what it actually stands for. I know "WTF" means something I shouldn't type here, and "BBQ" is barbecue, but together they are a mystery to me! Maybe it is just one of those mysterious internet things like "All your base are belong to us!" that just took off for no apparent reason, other than our natural instinct to fall in love with strange things. (I must admit: I own a shirt with that phrase printed on it!)

The written language is strange, and wonderful. I love it, but there is a "mistake" (It's actually intentional, even though I know it is wrong) that I make constantly... That is, my use of capitalization after typing ellipsis dots. I know it's not correct to use in every instance, but something about doing it seems to put more emphasis on the pause... And that's the point! (See, it works!) Besides, not many people know it's wrong, so it's easy to get away with. I also use too many brackets, if you haven't noticed. Lol, I'm such a hypocrite! I guess I have a certain margin for error that I find acceptable. Some people write things to be read, while others write things to be heard, similar to natural speech. I think a mix of both is the most effective, even if it's not perfectly correct. I would say my biggest flaw of all when writing is that I tend to come across as arrogant. It can be so hard to convey the proper tone in writing. Sometimes I read things after writing them, and think "Wow, I sound like a jerk!" But I am probably one of the easiest people on the planet to talk to, and get along with.

I like your comment about being too busy frowning at peoples' use of language to notice the intelligent points they may have. My forehead hurts sometimes! No matter how intelligent a person is, or how perfectly logical they may be, when they treat spelling as a novelty, the majority of their credibility goes instantly out the window for me. That may be illogical and unfair, but it's the way I am. It forces me to feel superior, which I feel uncomfortable with, because I strongly dislike people who think of themselves that way. Basically, they make me disappointed in myself. I look down at myself for looking down at others... Wow, this is confusing. Do I need to have my head examined? Most likely... At least I can admit it.

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