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Wow, speaking about rants!

I use lol, omg, wtf and btw quite often, but most of the time on MSN or boards where the intellectual level ain't that high and my messages are short.

I do get annoyed by people who don't use capitals or interpunction and spelling like m8 instead of mate, 4 instead of for, 2 instead of two/to/too. All these abbreviation is part of leet-speak: Here in the Netherlands, such speak is called "breezah-taal", where taal means language. A Bacardi Breezer is an alcoholic drink that all the teenage girls drink. Those girls (slutty etc., you know the deal) type like this on the web and thus they were called "breezahsletjes": breezersluts. Breezersletje has even been added to our national dictionary

Anyway, when I'm just posting short messages I like to add a lol/wtf/omg every now and then, but when posting message like this one, I make sure every capital is correct and the interpunction is in order.

Maybe it has to do with our intellectual level? Don't know yours though

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