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Hey, thanks for the info! Some pretty interesting stuff there. As humans, we're pretty much all the same, but it's great to get perspectives from around the world.

I have lived in the England and Canada, crossing back and forth quite regularly. I see alot of similarities, but notice a delay in general slang between the two countries. I remember when "sweet" and "da bomb" first became popular sayings in Canada, in 1996. It was almost a year before I ever heard them uttered in England. It took about the same time for "that's boss" to travel from England to Canada.

Typical British words like "rubbish" and "wank" were rarely used in Canada, until just a few years ago. Actually, wank has now taken on a second definition here, being used to describe someone, rather than an action. The word "wanker" has been discarded, and "wank" now assumes both roles.

I attribute the sudden adoption of these words to the growing popularity of British films here. There is a large cult following now, and as more films are featured here, more of the lingo crosses the divide. British films receive standing ovations in Canada! No Canadian or American ones do... It's unheard of!

One huge stereotype Canadians used to hold dearly was that all Brits used perfectly proper english. You know... The typical snooty, upscale tea and crumpet kind. When I first moved here, I was amazed at how little people knew about the UK. England, and the rest of the UK for that matter, is probably the king of improper speech! Have you ever heard a typical person from Liverpool speak? It's like another language altogether. You can also discover multitudes of accents per city. England is the only place I know of where you can have several accents, just from living in different areas within one city! Thanks to British movies, this stereotype has, for the most part, disappeared over the past ten years. The Full Monty and Sean of the Dead were two major influences.

Of course, there are still plenty of misinformed people out there, from both sides. I imagine I have plenty of innocent and wildly inaccurate assumptions about much of the world. Some things just can't be fully learned until experienced first hand...
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