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Jedi Master Kol Skywalker sat amongst the crowd, watching the show when the pirates entered. Turning first to see the pirates, he then turned his eyes for the Lord who watched Gentleman Roberts and his people enter and take the nearest available seats as theirs. The Jedi Knights of Ossus had much changed since his ancestor, Luke Skywalker, was Grand Master. Even if the Skywalker line had stayed as influential and powerful, the order had changed and Kol's father had been the only other Grand Master from the Skywalkers. By the time Ben Skywalker died, the Ossus Jedi had given up trying to fight over the matter of the Coruscant and Ossus Jedi both calling themselves the New Jedi Order while serving as completely different organizations. So the name was changed with unanimous vote of the Jedi Council of Ossus that they were to be renamed, and so they became the Order of Paladins, working everywhere in the Galaxy but the Sith Dominion, even if many have tried to limit them to Tepe's Dominion.

Many Paladins were present as well as other political figures and higher ranking officers from a relatively unknown military organization. A private legion of sorts in charge of security of Ossus. They wore light grey uniforms of either naval or army design, depending on which service line they belonged to. In a way they were the last line of defence before the enemy got to the paladins, and as so they were all given extensive training, way more than the average soldier, and conducted as many as four full-scale war-games per year with the opposition ranging from units fresh out of boot camp to the personal fleet and army of the Lord himself. There was sufficent number of men and women there to defend the Royal Family if need be. That is, if the family so requested. Taking all from the family were force users and rather powerful ones at that, they were defended rather well by themselves as well as the single Sith Hunter amongst the crowd in charge of protection of the Lady.

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