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[K1] Trey Donna's Armor

First official mod post. I'm so excited (and sarcastic).

Description: Trey Donna was a hero of the Republic until his disappearance two years ago. No trace of him was ever found, but the popular belief among those who served with him is that he was assassinated by Darth Malak for refusing to join the Sith. His armor was made to help the wearer resist force attacks.

Description: Special: Upgradeable, Armor
Feats Required: Armor Proficiency - Heavy
Defense Bonus: 10 (13 with Armor Reinforcement)
Max Dexterity Bonus: +1
Damage Resistance: Resist 10/- vs. Dark Side, Fire, and Electrical
Immunity: Mind-affecting
Bonus Feat when upgraded w/ Mesh Underlay: Immunity - Fear

Note: Includes a file so the item automatically spawns on Uthar's corpse.

If you feel like humoring me and downloading it, click here.

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