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Originally Posted by Sabretooth
I don't think anybody on the planet (or atleast the average geek) is "obsessed" enough to want to have sex with a video game character and no one else. We are only having a bit of fun and asking who looks better and hotter. Also, note that I didn't express you as a geek, but quite the contrary. Read my post again.

Now, my final point is that you are wrong in saying that anyone can "have the hots" for a VG character in the first place, because I frankly find that impossible on a realistic scale. The KotOR characters may have been hard to look at, but didn't you find them even a little bit interesting on the sexiness side? There's more to sex than looks, you know.

Or, so I think. <_< >_> Don't look at me like that.
I see your points SabreTooth. I actually prefer personality over looks myself when in a relationship, a person can have a pretty face but with an ugly character to boot makes that person shallow and very uncaring i usually find. Sorry for getting all defensive, i misunderstood yor post so sorry for that. I wasn't trying to cause a flame-war here with my original post, i was just getting my opinon across of which i am quite passionate about, no offences meant to anyone. To put it simply i was just trying to show that to like a game character in that way is way too obsessive IMO, what i wasn't saying was "Everyone who likes a VG characters are perverts". It's not impossible to find a VG game character certainly attractive, it has been known with examples such as Lara Croft with whom is admired by many a male gamer (i personally don't see what all the fuss is about). I suppose the Kotor characters were intersting in a way, the personality of Bastila for example is what i like in a woman, caring but daring.
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