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[K1] Baragwin Ice Armor

Baragwin Ice Armor

Description: Offering excellent protection against plasma grenades, flame throwers, and other heat related attacks, this armor will keep its wearer from being singed in the "heat" of battle. A network of tubes pump liquid nitrogen around the body to help regulate temperature, so this suit will also keep injuries iced for better healing and be invisible to thermal scanners.

Properties: Special: Upgradeable, Armor
Defense Bonus: 10 (+2 with Armor Reinforcement, +1 with Mesh Underlay)
Max Dexterity Bonus: +2
Damage Resistance: Resist 25/- vs. Fire
Damage Resistance: Resist 15/- vs. Acid
Skills: Stealth +2
With Mesh Underlay: Bonus Feat - Master Toughness

Note: Automatically appears in Suvam's inventory the first time you visit Yavin.


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