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Originally Posted by Chandler
Well, I can't translate the strings, but I can simply put the new ones into the MasterTextFile_GERMAN.dat if someone could send me an unadulterated copy of it from FoC. Your best bet now is to rename MasterTextFile_ENGLISH to MasterTextFile_GERMAN; that will get rid of the missing strings.
The renaming actually works! I'm feeling slightly dumb now... :-p

I've played the scenario "The conflict begins" once on the Rebel and once on the Imperial side now, and there are a lot of concepts I really, really like (e.g. transports generating cash and non-linear tech tree), however there are also some things that I think could be changed:
- IMO there are (gameplay-wise) too many heroes. I think most of the "commander heroes" (e.g. Leia, Tarkin, Piett, Bast, Dodonna etc.) should either be given a significant combat bonus (e.g. Thrawn) or removed. ATM you can have at least 5 commander heroes per fleet, which is a bit much; also, this way no one will ever build a commander unit, since he has far too many anyways. Also, I think Bail Organa/Mon Mothma and Sate Pestage/Palpatine could be merged into one without losing too much gameplay-wise; Blackhole is nothing more than a free probe-droid and Soontir Fel and Marek Steele are both just better starfighters with a commander bonus.

- I think research is ATM far too costly. Consider that usually in strategy games you pay perhaps 1-3 times the price of a unit for upgrading it. In PR you can have either say 20 squadrons of upgraded TIE fighters or about 60 squadrons of slightly worse ones. Without a pop cap in galactic mode, I think most players would strategically chose the latter.

-This is a minor/personal taste thing, but I think the ships not appearing in the movies should be somewhat restricted to the later stages of the game, i.e. you should not normally build the Eclipse before the DS1 or a Republic Star Destroyer before the first Mon Calamari cruiser. However, I guess the tech tree will be more sophisticated anyways in the final version, since this is a "starfighter mod".
Oh, and I am totally against removing the DS2 in favor of the Eclipse. I would rather have it if the "planetary destruction" ability of the Eclipse was removed to give it a weakness compared to the Death Stars.

EDIT: I just got an idea about the hero issue, though I don't know if this cann possibly be coded. How about making some heroes spawn (and respawn automatically) from the beginning (e.g. Palpatine, Mothma, Vader and Luke) while others have to be bought, but you are restricted to buying one at a time from a certain group, e.g. you can either have Tarkin who helps your research or Bast who finds weaknesses against starfighters or Piett who gives a bonus to capital ships; however if one of those dies you can chose again. This would limit the number of heroes and provide strategical diversity. Other groups could be Boba Fett/ Marek Steele/ Soontir Fel or Leia Organa/Jan Dodonna/Crix Madine

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