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Originally Posted by Dragoon ZER0
Yeah, but the female's final ds transition reminds me of Darth Talon from the Legacy comics and that's always a good thing
Yes, I thought she was familiar. Although I have not read the Legacy Comics yet, maybe never will

Originally Posted by Thanatos9t
Yeah, I used Darth Talon for the bases for the female Sith Twilek and Darth Ruyn for the male Sith Twilek, with small hints of Darth Maul.
But I still like the DS-transitions for the male, because the female's transition looks like a make-up session gone wrong.
Don't get me wrong, I can't do better, and it looks good, but... Well, I think it looks like a messed up make-up session. At least the middle female head looks like that. But still, it's a good job nonetheless, and since you are the maker of the mod, I should not complain.
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