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The Shadow Risers Clan!

Clan Name:
Co Leaders:ShadowRider
Story aboud your clan: He had only wanted to save them his family from death Shadow Rider from danger and in the end they fail to realise his power to know on faith that he knew what was best for everyone instead his family was dead and Shadow Rider was running for his life a strip that everything that Shadow Knight was without freinds family purpose glanging his right hand he curse the force what did it ever provided but tormit and vision that he was unenable to prevent leading him to belive that he had great power when he was just a kid but no longer Knight promise himself the power of the dark side will make the force seem weaker until then his powers will be a ill fit even if the power was great.

Clan Name: Shadow Risers
Leader: Shadow Knight
Co Leaders: Shadow Rider
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