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Aislin was startled at being called a guest. Whoever it was that wanted her LICE'd was either very rich, very brave, or both. More importantly, she wondered why she hadn't been stripped of her weapons. Cautiously curious, she moved over to the larger tent and slid inside. Just inside the tent, she stopped abruptly. Her eyes flew directly to Lord Tepe and Charna at his side. Next to Charna, she recognized Rellis Thren. The Hunter stared at her for a moment as if warning her not to try anything.

It wasn't the Hunter's presence that dissuaded Aislin from engaging now. She knew from her research that all of Tepe's family were Force sensitive on some level. In addition to them, there were the numerous Paladins scattered through the crowd. This would be a very bad day to draw a weapon against the Queen. And Aislin had not remained alive as a bounty hunter for this long by taking unnecessary risks.

She thought she should run. Her mind screamed at her that running was the best option. But she wouldn't. That would confirm to her 'hosts' that she intended to hunt one of them. She cursed her lack of preparation for this... and moved forward, causing a brief focus shift. Many eyes watched her approach Tepe and Charna and many hands went to weapons.

"Lord Tepe, Lady Charna," she greeted, bowing respectfully. Then, she sat off to one side of them, every muscle on high alert. She had to be prepared for anything, for this was a highly unusual situation for the young bounty hunter... and she didn't like it at all.

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