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Making Custom Textures with Photoshop

Mod note: Copied from this thread, please post any comments or questions there. ~M

By demand ( under threat of torture ) our friend GloveMaster asked me how I did most of the retexturing of Taris into Coruscant. ( Coolas mod is in another thread here on Holowan )

Not the file setup of the modules and such , but the actual texture making .

So now and here , Iím going to try and give some helpful tips how to do it in Photoshop .

Its not a step by step tutorial , else Iíll see the same texture popping up everywhere in each mod . Its rather a bunch of (hopefully)helpful tips and tricks .

Its a Word file , posting it here would be a bit big as it includes lots of pictures.

So here you can download it : Click me (2.5 MB DOC) or Click Me (1.6 MB ZIP)

Have fun and drop me a line on what you think about this "tutorial" .


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