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i just got finished building a computer about a week ago. I installed kotor 2 and at first everything seemed fine until i got to Peragus, then it shuts the game down and says"program has stopped" I had a video card error and it said i need "detonator 54,23 or sumthing like that. i have a 8500 gt graphics card so i used the disc that came with that and installed the drives again. I also went to nvidia's site and got the lastest patches for the g cards. That didn't fix the problem so i uninstalled the game and attempted to reinstall it but now it wont work. I put the disc in and nothing happens, it's almost as if there is no info on the disc. my computer has: windows vista business, an AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core processor 4800 + 2.51 GHz, 2046MB of ram. my jedi academy,outcast games work as well as jedi knight and mots. If anyone can help that be great!!!
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