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As soon as the Hunter's hand wrapped around her arm, the anger within Aislin began to skyrocket. She hated being forced into anything, even if the 'escort' would lead her into a situation she wanted to face. As soon as they were out of the tent, Aislin wrenched her arm away from Rellis.

"You don't like evasion," she growled softly, "so I am going to be very clear. I intended to keep my options open on the assassination of Lady Charna and I still intend to do so. If the chance to execute the job appears, then you'd better believe I'm going to jump for it. The challenge is what I appreciate, as I'm sure you know, and your presence only adds to the challenge, adds to the elements enticing me to go for it."

She drew a blaster in her left hand, and the hazy orange blade of her lightsaber came to life in her right hand. "So you tell me, Rellis Thren. Is my bluntness enough for you to feel I'm truly a threat to your friends in the shuttle?"

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