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This antique thread caught my eye because I just restored an old pre-XP computer to service to run Windows95 and Windows98 games, and I chose that very video card (I think even the very brand) to go with it. The old PC maxed out at 384 MBs of RAM, because I couldn't put my hands on any low density 256 MB SDRAMs for it.

When I was assembling the system, I initially used a Leadtek GF4 Ti-4200 that came to hand first, but it was having its own problems. I'd planned to use a GF2 GTS, but didn't have an HSF that would fit that one, and its old fan had died (the Ti-200 also needed its fan replaced, but I had no major trouble in finding one for it).

It would have been overkill, same as the Ti-4200 would've been, if my GF3 Ti-500 had showed up, but it stayed in hiding. Those GF3s were nice VGA cards back in '02, though! It's got a Duron CPU, but a lot faster one than the OP's Celeron . .



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