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I have a problem with kotor1, after the game changes from a "movie" scene to an in-game scene I can't see anything, just a black screen. I can still hear the sounds, and if I can do anything I can also see my mouse and do anything I want (as far as I know), the problem being that I can only see my mouse pointer. Restarting the game makes it fine, until the next time it hapens. So, anyone got an idea how to fix this? I have mannaged to get to the blast-the-fighters bit when leaving taris, but there being unable to save screws me over (try to ble that part with your eyes closed). So if no fix is known, any way to skip from when you are about to enter the ebon hawk to when you can quicksave next will be greatly apreciated. I can post my specs if neede, though someone will have to tel me how.
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