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I'd stay off the axis'. The only ones you should be using are X and Y if you choose to configure it that way. Stay off configuring them as axis controls too. Meaning... there's two settings for the same thing.. a left/right axis control.. and button settings for right and left. Instead of configuring the left/right axis to the X axis. Configure left and right button options seperately moving the X axis right for the movement right configuration and same with the left. Leaving the left/right axis option blank. Repeat for up/down (Y axis).

You can configure other axis' for the game if you have them. But I recommend using the buttons for forward/back and strafe right/left rather than axis controls. Shoulder buttons (L1, L2 and R1, R2) are good for these. You should be using one axis for movement so you don't have to worry about controling two joystick knobs. Because if you are using two knobs, it makes it harder to use weapons, jump and generally "playing" at a speed that can be called "playing" the game. I'm unsure how the Saitek is set up. If memory serves.. I think theres a hat control too. You can use each direction of any hat (or axis) control as a button. Say "left hat" is reload.. "right hat is crouch"... and so on.

Hope this helps...

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