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Star Wars: Knights of the Galactic Alliance

Timeline: 1,000 ABY, the Sith are few and the Galactic Allaince is flourishing, the Empire has been defeated for good. Suddenly rumors spread across the plantes of a return of the Sith and that all supporters of the Galactic Alliance will secede or be destroyed. This instilled fear in the planets of Corellia, Utapau, Sullust, and Kamino. These vital planets now have amabassadors looking for the leader of this new Sith. The Alliance has started puttting massive resources to work at making an army again. As they slowly start to build an army, the Sith strike in a vast number taking the very heart of production, Kuat. The Galactic Alliance could not defend itself as the Sith slowly encroached on its planets. The Alliance barely stands a chance. The Jedi and any others who are willing to fight are its only hope.

Applications must be serious. I will not take names that are unlike Star Wars and you must be willing to RP seriously.


Name: (Must be serious)

SpeciesMust be of Star Wars origin, no extinct species)

AgeMust be according to your species)


Description: (Five sentences or more, or a pic)

BackgroundAtleast a paragraph)

WeaponsAt the max, you can have two.)

ShipMust be reasonable, PM if you want to command something big.)

Alliance: (Either Sith, Jedi, Galactic Alliance Army or Navy, Sith Army or Navy, Mercenary)

RankYou must PM me if you want to be above a Captain in the Navy, or a Commander in the Army, above a Jedi Knight, or above a Sith Knight. Mercenaries do not have ranks same goes for Bounty Hunters.)


1. It can be rated R, but put it at the top of your post. If you wish to have any sort of intercourse, do not go into detail.

2. No Godmoding, Name Stealing, or Powerplaying.

3. If you wish to be a relative of another player, ask them first.

4. No cannon names.

5. NEVER flame someone outside of RP.

(Example of a Profile. This is my personal character for the RP.)

Name: Selvin Lark A.K.A Darth Varum

Species: Near-Human/Unknown

Age: 30

Gender: Male


Background: Selvin Tark was born to an unknown Sith and a Jedi Knight on Korriban. Selvin's parents were executed and he was nearly aswell, until that is a Sith Master stopped his execution to measure his mid-chlorions. They were well above average of a normal Force Sensitive. The Master put him into training. After twenty-two years of training he was a full fledged Sith Knight. From there he advanced in rank.

Weapons: Dual Doubble-bladed Lightsabers, red in color.

Ship: In Command of the Flagship the Blackhammer

Alliance: Sith

Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith
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