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Name: Luther Magnus

Species: Human

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Description: Luther is a tall man with broad shoulders and a muscular build. He has icy blue eyes and short light brown hair. His face looks to be chizled out of stone with a scar going from his temple curving around to his chin.

Background: Luther Magnus was born into a high class family heaviliy involved in the Military. His older brother is in the army, his younger brother just joined the Navy, he himself in the Navy. He was instilled with good morals, a sense of honour and duty and a passion for doing what is right.

Weapons: Blaster pistol which is always seen strapped to his hip. and Blaster rifle, which is rarely seen on him, but if the need is there he can and will use it.

Ship: The Wolverine, Corvette class battleship.

Alliance: Galactic Alliance Navy

Rank: Captain

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