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Unhappy Danooine Black Screen - Xbox

Originally Posted by Reclaimer
Ok, I was about to ask if you were playing on a 360 or old Xbox, but I saw you're on a 360, so here we go.

Do you have the core version or the other models with built in hard drives? I believe you need a hard drive to play the old Xbox games, because they don't work on the Core system.

Now, all you have to do is clear your game/system cache. Either hold A as it loads, or do

Hope that helps!

Hi, I have exactly the same issue after standing up to the mercenaries attack on Koonda. Black screen, menus work, but i am playing on an original Xbox.
Please help, i love this game and feel lost without it!!
I stupidly cleared up a load of old save games just before this happened.
I also noticed that after killing the mercenaries in the crystal caves that Master Vrook did not exit the cage. The force field is still there (which i seem to be able to walk through), i can select Vrook, but nothing happens when i press 'A' on him.

P.S. I saw Keira first!!
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